Nová generace ventilu ASV-PV

  • Automatické vyvažovací ventily (ASV)

  • Product features

    Integrated membrane

    The valve body and pressure membrane are now combined into just one component. The new design ensure optimal low flow performance and extremely ideal differential pressure sensitivity.

    Visible setting scale

    Simple adjustment of the differential pressure setting - No special equipment is required. Clearly visible setting scale makes it easy to determine if the setting is adjusted correctly. Setting ring can be locked to prevent unauthorized adjustments.

    Flushing function

    Increased reliability of heating system due to better dirt removal. Flushing is used to remove dirt from installation before putting system into operation. To flush and fill a system the new ASV-PV valve can temporarily be locked in an open position by a flushing ring accessory.  

    Short build in height

    With the new automatic balancing valve from Danfoss the installation dimensions are decreased for flexible and convenient installation.

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